1994 to 2008

1994 to 2008

The whole thing started in 1994 and, in it´s first phase it was running untill 2008.

The one´s caring or the start of the progress are referred to this article At the beginning

Within this first phase there were not many Movie or Companyconcepts beeing listen in to. Most of them were not very good because I didn´t put much work in it. Anyway, there where some good chance hit´s, at least as far as I can remember. An overview:

Media and Company´s

Mediaprodukts form the biggest group of ideas which where listen in to and they are also the most present one´s for me. There are also happenings in other areas, politics for example, which are, in my opinion, more interesting.

Movie and Media:

Jurassic Park

Deep Impact

Independance Day (If I´m honest, a horrible movie, it´s just nothing than mass murder and was just developed by me for seeing wether they produce this or  not, the did)

Resident Evil (a little better because the story is good and the lead character is well staffed)



Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Pirates of the Carribean Part 1

Men in Black (I´m not shure if this idea is from me or if it just feels like because the movie is that good)

The X-Files


ebay (I´m not quite shure about ebay because I just remember that the start of business causes big interest on my side)


S&M – Metallica

social events

There is a whole bunch of social events having their root in my mind, unfortunally my memory is not very good. Just a few things are still in my  mind.

The End of Take That is, I guess, the most bizarre occurence. The result of one half-witted and impulsively outbreak of my part.

Can you remember Micheal Jackson holding his little son across the reeling in his Berlin Hotel Room? Crazy isn´t it?

political stuff

Event´s which are located in politics are, in my opinion more interesting as media or other sociaty events. I try to give an overview as far it is possible for me to do that.

Präsident Wladimir Putin, i suggested Wladimir Putin for President of the Russian Föderation because, I was asked who should become President of Russia. I saw him in an interview or heard a comment rom him in TV and I thought the statement was good. So, I suggested him.

The 9/11 Attack, an interesting Story beforehand: It occupied my mind several days in front of the attack. A terror attack with planes. It became thrilling during round of talks with friends because they ask me what kind of terror attack I could imagine. These kind of attack was in my mind since a week or two. I saw it, practically, in my mind happen again and again. The details were quite accurate, espesially because my vision stand in reference to the World Trade Center. This conversation happend long ago and some details are not that present any more. But, I still know, I mentioned the date of attack. For a long time, I thought the 9/11 attack was an act of foresee but I wasn´t sure after the happening and finally changed my mind after the actions resulting from the Abitur Media-Company Brainstorming.

to read Das Abitur & das Brainstorming

to read Visionen von Krieg und Tod

War at Irak and Afgahnistan, did the americans get the idea for it on there own or did they pick up my idea´s or had someone else it´s finger in the game? I don´t know.

The prohibition by the turks to let the U.S. Army march in the Irak, starting from turkish territory. It was an uncontrolled outburst of mine in a time of pugnacity which had extensive consequences.

Accident or Terror?

Two other interesting happening´s were the crash of the Concorde near Paris (25.07.2000) and the explosion of the Space Shuttle (1. February 2003) during his landing approach to earth. To both event´s is to say, I´m not sure if these incidents have a connection to my life. I had conversations about both topics with people from my environment which were listened in to. Referring to the Concorde I have no memory any more but I remember a conversation about the saftyness of the Space Shuttle. Where these conversation´s ahead the accident or after? I don´t know any more. Well, the one´s with access to the record files will know.

One especially tragic event, which saddened and depressed me exceedingly was the death of pricess Diana in Paris. We all recall this tragic car accident. If I recall right the Song „Candle in the wind“ composed by Elton John was also inspired by me.

There were severall other event and occurences which where caused by me but I don´t remember them. Somtimes things come to my mind, if so I will write them down here.