Experience Media, what i meet along my way and appears worthy a comment. Movies´s, Show´s and Artikel in a Newspaper or a magazine, Bands & Albums, concerts, open air and small stuff.

Since 1994 i´m experiencing, in my live, an phänomen which is surly worth mentening. I divide this events in two phases, first one from 1994 to a moment in 2008 in which, from my perspective, the final brainstorming began.
Look at: Movie/Shows Brainstorming
The first phase where in the years bevor: „1994 to 2008“
As the Result of social behavior i´m choosen to experience i have, i commit that to myself, become a litte schalgseite applying to my psycological health status.
So, my point of view to these things may be a little subjektiv and not what commen people whould call the truth.
Never the less, i decided to make this experience open to public. As far as i´m capable to do it with my modest power.

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