A glimpse in time

A glimpse in time,

I can´t rememder the exact point in time, somewhere between betweent 1998 and 2000, probably . Maybe, a few years earlier. Howsoever, important is a nother thing:

We had mushrooms, it was an age where people play with things like that. We, me and some friends where on Mushroom. So called Magic Mushrooms and I had a inspiration: It came to my mind that three earthquakes will happen., important because they will cause tsunamis. Three dates and three places. South Asia, Japan, Los Angeles accompanied by three dates 2004, 2011 and 2022. And some all around this, 2004 was accompanied by a statement of time, Chrismas. 2011 accompanied by a statement of place, Fukushima. L.A. was not accompanied. Anyway this happening led to a new centre of my life and it should be the task to warn the people in the concerned regions. So they can prepare and procect themselves in case these forces of nature descend on them. The processes discribed in the following articles are linked to this intuition. A project for europeDas Abitur & das Brainstorming