A project for europe

I started a training after i finished my school education and about this time the surveillance situation came back to my mind. It was between 1996 and 2000. I didn´t put much attention to the surveillance situation untill that incident or to tell it in better words, during my school time I never put much attention to the surveillance situation. It came back on table during my time as job trainee, by coincidence. There were several mediaproduct´s having there root in in my life and as a result of the surveillance situation they came to business.  A relatively famous product is the song „Maschendrahtzaun“ performed by Stean Raab. However I have to admit that I´m not 100% sure about this song. I recall I just said the word because of it´s funny sound, especially in saxony. Some other Song´s or actions apearing in Stefan Raabs Show had their origin in my mind. „Wir kiffen“ for example or the „Wok Rodeln“. These things were not very important for me althoug it pissed me of a bit. The whole surveillance situation came back to my mind with „The X-Files“. I had the need to tell a mystery story but nothing came to my mind. Then „The X-Files“ appear, I didn´t put anything to this Show but I thought, as I saw it in TV, it might be a result of my, spoken out loud, need to tell a mystery story.

The result of it was that I started to put thought´s in it. I really startet to think about this Situation and decided to try to put some use to the surveillance situation.

If people make the decision to supervise me and make money from my thoughts I guess it is ok to motivate them to do something useful with it. So I suggest, by using the surveillance situation, to take part of the money they got from the movie´s and song´s and company concepts which were from my mind for a projekt which aim I shloud be to promote the concillation of Europe, to get peace and wealth for the people in europe. I suggested to promote Art, especialy music and movie. Above that I started to think about „How to start a company“ on my own. The concepts for Google, Amazon, PayPal, Netflix and Twitter proofed to be a succsess, well, the real company got far over what I suggested in a few sentences but anyway. Finally I decided to come up with one more innovative concept. The thought, out of what all this came was, it could be smart, besides the promotion of art, to found a company which could give people from Eastern Europe the oportunity to develop an European Economic Identity. Meanwhile this company took place in business and is named „Hello Fresh“. I rouled out the concept during the Media-Company Brainstorming besides other concepts like Zalando, Otfittery and Marley Spoon. There where more company concepts but I´m not 100% sure if they were made up by me, for example Lieferheld. In case the shareholder of these companys had other plans I brought the thought in game the funding of these companys could be promoted by tax payer money. For me personally, I found it a bit pervert if a person who is not blessed with wealth works hard to get some good idea´s and an other person makes a lot of money with it while the tax payer has to emerge the expanse, which should, at least part time, be founded by the sharehoulder.