At the beginning

From my point of view, the whole thing startet with a conversation in 1992, at lest in case my memory is not wrong. It startet with a question „What do you want to do?“

My answer included, among other things, that I would found a company witch should spezialize for search alogorithims used for the Internet and should have the sonorous name Google. Furthermore an Online order business called Amazon. My dialog partner annotated, the founding of a company like that would take place in Amerika. For me personally it was not perspicuous why it should be that way but for me all that was more an mindgame than an actually plan because I didn´t had the KnowHow to do it (And not the age). But, enough imagination to realize what could have potencial. My answer to the question who should invest in it, i answered „extreme conservative“. For me it was more about to express that I where looking for investors with interests in long term success. This was importand because I thought that online based business would need some time to become a business in which consumers get involved in bigger numbers. The one´s going through our world with open eyes might have realised the existents of these companys. During this talk there where other suggestions for my part, a movie, Jurassic Park or the show Stargate. The whole thing had more of an brainstorming, actually took just a few minutes and was a reflection of different things I  thought about day´s and week´s before. My Motivation, where these ideas result from, was not my need for personally wealth but my interest in the technology and the idea to travel to Mars and to do it with private capital, at least partial. That´s why companys like Google and Amazon, there where more following later, if my memory is right. However, I´m not 100% sure about these things and thats why they do not appear here.

This insecurity is a result from the fact that I do not always realise when a concept, made up by my mind, get´s realised. This stands in coherence with the fact that these ideas where not planed to get in circulation, they were just a result of creativly conversation. To summarise, except the conversations I planed a head, like the Media – Company Brainstorming, there was no scheduled publication for these thougths. I´m also not 100% sure about how these thougths get in circulation. Annyway,  my assessment is that modern tools of telecommunication are used for it. Of course there also is the possibillity of wearing a micro. To get some lucidity to this actions I decided to make this processes visibel for public.  And furthermore, I attempt to structure it by using this blog. Besides the Abitur Media-Company Brainstorming, wich was planed but going far over the intended Frame their are other events between the years 1992 and 2008. During this time there were further concepts of companys, products and movies which were listened in to or pushed to business by listen in.

Another, maybe not complete insignificant fact, which should not be unmentioned in this coherence is, my suggestion to work together with people from eastern europe, Russians, Turks and colored people. In my small mindscape, i was living in during my time as pupil, this refer to the expectations these people might have towards Live in the reunioned Germany and in the new europe. In that time we had many late repatriate from the former Soviet Union and Turks are not a small minority, some colored people have lived in Germany while this time too. I´m again and again surprised, especially by considering the growth of the EU during the last centuries, that I had this kind of foresight. Of course, locals were not excluded from this project. Later, I developed the idea for what you find under Ein Projekt für Europa.

A further Fact, which should not stay unmentioned is that financial shares from each movie would be retained. So, i cloud be shure, in time of my youth, for a financial precaution. At least, if I was not wrong informed about this statement. Certainly I didn´t had this fact in mind during all these years. It was in time of the Abitur Media-Company Brainstorming when these things came back to my mind. Back then, in the early 90´s, I said the money should be invested and hold back for later. I told them an exact date for realese the money to me use. At the time of this conversation I thougth i might be smart to give myself a taste of live without encouragement.


„Work in Progress“