High Times

It was the hardest decision in my life, so far.

I moved to Potsdam to start my Abitur, but before I had to realize and accept that this decision would have one and importand consequence. I wouldn´t get around an experience of heavy drug abuse. Well, it would be Ganja only, but still: To know a conflict with my consumption would be inevitable made the move to a hard decision. The main reason to decide for the move was not the Abitur or the Brainstorming, it was the vision of the fukushima tsunami. To be exact, it was my instinct, telling me, during the Zivildienst, that the missing part o the fukushima tsunamie puzzle would fall in it´s place. I had the name of the kathastrophe since a vision in the late 90´s, only the date was missing. So, there was only one reason to take this conflict and that was the chance to foresee the date of the tsunami and to give chance to help the people living there.