SMNP – Surveillance, Monitoring, Nerve Poison

A Short Introduction: Since the early 90´s I´m under surveillance. Talkings I have by telephone and conversations in buildings are recorded. My guess is that the surveillance uses consumer telephone systems who are installed in buildings. Since the launch of smartphone to consumer market the surveillance is include´s movements I do in public. It is my experience that the surveillance is moving with me. I did, partly random partly aimed, test conversations in flats of other people. Just to see if these conversations are under surveillance or not. To find proof for surveillance I brought concepts for movies or companys in circulation. Sometimes also philosophic, sientific or political thoughts. Do these thoughts find approval in public, I have proof for movement of the surveillance with me.

Practical examples:

Untill the Abitur Media-Company Brainstorming I have not, or mostly never, consciously interakted with the suveillance system. Thoughts which found it´s way to non-private-public where listen in to without my approval. (Well, not complete without my approval, see At the beginning ) With the Abitur Media-Company Brainstorming I choose a new way and innervated to record the conversations happening during the Abitur. Details for motivation and purpose for all this are (or will be) documented in Abitur & Brainstorming. Why I didn´t recorded the conversations on my own?

Well, that´s pretty simple. At this time, when I did the Abitur Media-Company Brainstorming, I didn´t expected to be involved in the business assessment. My primariy aim was to get the date of the Fukushima Tsunami and, if things run good, the date of the expected L.A. Earhtquake and tsunami. All this was mad for mostley one purpose: To get the necessary attention to sinsitize people for the idea someone can anticipate an event like an earthquake. And to my entertainment, I liked the challenge. There also was an idea for a further benefit of all this, especially or the commercial part. You can read details about this in Ein Projekt für Europa


Nerve poison and chemical weapon´s in use against civilians in Germany and Europe

An importandt incident in coherence with the Abitur Media-Company Brainstorming is the Fukushima Poison Attack. In my belive it is the second, maybe the third case of an terrorist attack under use of an chemical substance. It is, in my belive, a special happening because the use of cemical weapons is a crime of war. I may not have been complete innocent regarding to the reasons for the attack. But still. I also know that there are further cases of chemical attacks against civilians, at least in germany. If there where further cases in other european countrys is not known to me.


Current Events

The surveillance has not ended and the methodology of influencing my life is also still happening. Current events will be documented and published here. Depending on the number of events and on my motivation this paragraph will be appropriate big or not. I have, to say it in easy words, other interests in my life that these processes. Another reason for that is following: There are many happenings and it is not always possible to identify them. I also have to deal with other matters. And, the last reason: I´m not sure wether I´m out of my  mind or not. See front page