The L.A. Earthquake

I fall into darkness, from time to time and have to find a way out of it. Winter is always hard and burdensome. The L.A. Earthquake in case it will happen. A recap:

It started with a vision in a time I realised I´m under supervision.

A Vision, three dates 16.12.2004 (South-East-Asia), 11.03.2011 (Fukushima, Japan) und now 22/23.09.2022 (L.A.)

22/23.09.2022, if there is a date to mention, that´s the one.

It is exhausting to deal with this topic and from time to time I have mood´s letting me doubt if I shloud name this date. I had mentioned it once and discarded it. But sometimes we have to decide what is importand and what is not, and I did.